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hg_icons's Journal

Harry/Ginny Icons
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Welcome to the Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley icon community! This community was created by calixa after she realised there was a serious lack of H/G icons available on livejournal. Being the staunch Orange Crush/ Emerald Flame/ Orange Chocolate/ Chocolateer/ Chocoloco/ HMS Monsters'n'Pigmies/ Harry/Ginny fan that she is, she immediately set towards changing that fact. Here is the result. All and any members are welcome to share the H/G icon love!

Your mods are calixa and v_enna.


1) All entries must contain at LEAST 2 or more H/G icons. Otherwise, you may not post. (Harry-centric or Ginny-centric icons are welcome, however, and apply)
2) Entries must contain at LEAST 3 icons, no less. Wait until you have enough to post, please.
3) You must put your icons behind a cut if you are posting more than three at a time.
4) No bashing, trolling or flaming. Constructive criticism is one thing, being a @#$!% git is another. Try NOT to make enemies here, ok?
5) Absolutely no non-H/G related posts. That also means no "Can you make me an H/Hr icon?" If you want one of those, go to another community.
6) Only post your OWN icons. If we catch anyone posting icons that aren't theirs and taking credit for it, they will be banned without notice.
7) No extreme anti-anything icons. That goes for actors, ships, etc.

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